IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH is taking the protection
of you private data seriously and fully complies with the legal regulations based on the German Federal Privacy
Act (BDSG) as well as the German Broadcast Media Act. The currently used privacy requirements will be
continuously evolved by our internal quality management system (QMS).

The following policy gives
you an overview about how we guarantee this protection and which data will be surveyed for which purpose.


This privacy policy covers the web
application PACS SIZING CALCULATOR entirely and exclusively. It begins with the entrance on this website
respectively the start of usage of the application and ends by leaving the site respectively by being forwarded
to external content, which can be recognized by a different second level domain.


Individual-related data is only surveyed on this website as far as it is technically necessary. IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH surveys and stores the
following data in its log files that are automatically transmitted by your web browser.

Browser type and version
Used operating system
Referrer URL (previously visited website)
Hostname and/or IP address of the accessing computer
Date and time of the connection

The log file and all its containing information will be deleted by the system itself after 7 days. Usually, this information
will not be accessed. Under special circumstances the system core's information will be access for the purpose
of bug fixing if otherwise the system would become inoperable. Communication with the user does not occur at any
time. Access to this information is only granted to a maximum of 3 people, which are specially trained and
sensitized in handling privacy relevant low level information. Merging this kind of information with other data
sources does not occur at any time.

The following information will be stored unencrypted in a database by the web application:

Calculation ID
Type of imaging centre
Geographical region
Level of reliability
Archive period in years
Working days per year
Modality name
Number of images per study
Number of studies per day

All data is transmitted unencrypted. The provided information will be used for an automatic process that
calculates the estimated size of a planned PACS project. Except the name and the calculation ID all pieces of
information are exclusively used for the mathematical algorithm this web application is based on.

The calculation ID is used to enable the user to retrieve his session including all entered data and cannot be
used by the processing body to establish a connection between the user and the stored data without his
assistance. The calculation ID is only used for the purpose of outside identification and will be replaced with
another internal pseudonomized number after login that cannot be found out in a classical way.

Please notice that the calculation's result will not be stored on our servers at any time as it is dynamically created
each time you start the calculation process.
Only your basic input values will be stored for the above mentioned period.

You are free to choose whatever name you like. It must not reflect your personal name or the name of any other individual or legal
body. Its purpose is the personal enhanced identification or the identification in case of a support issue
regarding the PACS SIZING CALCULATOR. In any case this contact must be initiated by the user.


The entered base values will only be used to calculate the size of the PACS project and will not be transferred to a third party.


To protect your privacy and to enhance the
level of privacy and security, this web application uses only Cookies, which are essential for the application‘s opertion.


To protect your privacy and to enhance the level of privacy and security, this web application does not use GOOGLE Analytics.


Under constitutional law, which guarantees the informational self-determination the user has the permanent and persistent right to get
information about his individual-related data that is stored by the processing body according to § 34 BDSG.
This request must be answered immediately and free of charge.

Contact person for all privacy related request is the data protection officer or any other employee.

IMAGE Information Systems Europe Europe GmbH
Chief Information Security Officer
Lange Str. 16
18055 Rostock