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When planning a PACS, many PACS users or administrators are unaware of which storage capacity is actually required to handle their respective amount of image data. Consequently, there is a huge number of PACS worldwide, which are either too big (sometimes even offering five times the amount of storage needed) or too small and slow.
IMAGE Information Systems Europe GmbH therefore developed the PACS Sizing Calculator, which helps you determine the appropriate size of your Picture Archiving and Communication System including
  • short term information, like the number of studies and the needed disk space for DICOM data per day, month and the first year
  • long term projections, like the disk space for DICOM data as well as the database storage size for the entire archive life cycle)
  • additional valuable information, like the needed network bandwith to tranfer the processed data, the number of radiologists to examine incoming images, the size for your storage system including reliability options, as well as recommended products and hardware recommendations for client and server computers

This useful tool is the result of a research project, which we had officially presented at the RSNA 2010. We collected data of multiple institutions both small centers and big universities around the world and calculated average numbers in order to predict the amount of storage needed for a PACS.

The entire calculation is based on the following values:
  • Type of imaging center
  • Geographical region
  • Level of reliability
  • Archive period in years
  • Working days per year
  • Plus values regarding the set of modalities you plan to use (number of images per study and number of studies per day)
Only a few of the above mentioned information is mandatory. Fields that are left blank will be filled with values from our statistical database. So even if you do not have precise insight into your customers network, we can create a detailed summary of your future PACS project.